Raising awareness for mental health through exercise.


"Good health is much more than the physical wellbeing of your body. It is about the emotional and mental state of your mind."


JS Performance has reinvigorated my love for exercise. Joe and Holly make classes suitable for everyone and push you to your own limits. Their personal approach is not based on fads but on creating long term health benefits. The flexible approach has allowed me to train around family and work committments.

Steve Higgins

JS Performance offer support, guidance and accountability and the online community they have brought together has been a lifeline during these times. It’s not been easy to stick to a health/fitness routine during lockdown and juggling work and homeschooling but knowing they are there when I need them is helping me get through.

Louise Jefferies

Would 100% recommend JS Performance to anyone interested in getting involved for fitness, as there is something for everyone in their classes and they are all round knowledgable fantastic people.

Liv Harper