Training in the great outdoors for the last six months has been nothing shy of amazing. After months locked up in our homes during the winter, there was absolutely nothing better than stretching our legs and throwing some dumbbells around outside. For most, it did not matter what the weather was like; it could be freezing cold, raining, misty, sunny, or even include the occasional flurry of snow. Everyone continued to turn out, every single week, for their daily dose of movement. Why you might ask? Because, as research has proven, the benefits of outdoor training are vast. Both our mental and physical health can be improved to an even greater degree than we might achieve from training in a gym. Nevertheless, there comes a time when it gets too dark and too cold to really achieve much from training outside... as much as we would do it all year round if everyone could have hand warmers fitted to their dumbbells!

What's coming up?

With colder days approaching, we are collaborating with two local facilities - Wotton Community Sports Centre and JG Fitness Centre - to bring you six indoor sessions from Monday through to Friday. On top of this we'll still be running one outdoor session a week. This will be our Saturday class, held at Charfield Playing Field. Why? Because we pride these sessions as being for the whole family and keeping it outdoors will allow this to continue. So with seven classes across six days, what sessions will work for you? We're going to explain what our Build, MetCon and Team WOD classes entail so that you can find the perfect session(s) for you.


Build is our most strength focussed class: 75% of these sessions will be dedicated to blocks of work designed to increase muscular strength. We believe that these classes should be a part of everyone's weekly routine no matter your age, goals, experience levels... the list goes on! In fact, as we get older, strength training becomes more important in order to maintain muscle mass - we're not talking excess muscle mass, we're talking about the muscle mass that simply helps you to move - and increase bone strength. Doing this will protect us against injury and make us more able to move well in everyday life. Build uses free weights (dumbbells/kettlebells) as well as bodyweight movements to improve, maintain and develop strength. Yet, despite the dedication to strength in these sessions, Build exists to also 'build' our fitness levels. Each class will conclude with a 'finisher'. Finishers are short periods of work designed to get some high intensity exercise into a short space of time. Don't let this element of high intensity work scare you either, these finishers can be adapted to suit you and your ability. All they're looking to do is push you further, which isn't ever going to be the same for everyone. Hence, our sessions are always adaptable and suitable for all abilities.

Tuesday, 6.15am, JG Fitness Centre

Wednesday, 6.30pm, JG Fitness Centre

Wednesday, 7.15pm, Wotton Community Sports Centre

Friday, 9.15am, JG Fitness Centre


Metcon - aka Metabolic Conditioning - are our 'fitness' classes. These sessions are programmed to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance using a combination of bodyweight and free weights exercises. These sessions incorporate both interval-style training and continuous periods of work to test endurance levels and vary the ways in which we can improve our fitness. Metcon is inspired by a number of training modes including CrossFit and HIIT classes. This class seeks to create new limits for you both mentally and physically, breaking boundaries that you always thought you'd never pass. We also understand that these limits are different for everyone, hence again, these sessions are adaptable for everyone of all abilities. We continue to live by our motto "fitness for everyone" and these classes truly embody that meaning.

Monday, 7.15pm, Wotton Community Sports Centre

Thursday, 6.15am, JG Fitness Centre

Team WOD

Our only outdoor class, Team WOD is a session designed to further the community we are building. In teams of 2-4 you will tackle up to three workouts that will include elements of synchronised and shared work that reflect a similar set up to our Metcon classes. Come along with friends or family, or enjoy meeting new people and teaming up with other members of our community.

Saturday, 10am, Charfield Playing Field

We hope that this provides a more detailed outline of what to expect from all of our classes at JS Performance. However, if you have any further questions please feel free to drop an email to or message our Facebook page.

New timetable begins Monday 4th October 2021.

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