Movember: Joe's Story

Taken from @joestokespt on Instagram.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I’ve found myself over the last few years struggling with things I never thought I would.

I have regular panic attacks, massive hits of anxiety, feelings of being lost and I guess some hours of depression. At first I didn’t really understand and got angry with myself for feeling this way but after time and learning to understand myself and my feelings you know there’s nothing wrong with any of these.

I find it hard to explain where it all comes from but I’m trying to understand and when I do I’ll let you all know. I’ll always be honest and transparent with you all as I know that helps, sometimes knowing someone else has the same feelings as you gives you the confidence to talk about it. Life is up and down kind of like a rollercoaster I guess but there’s nothing wrong with the downs. They may feel like there’s no way out but remember this: every bad day has an ending, bad days don’t last forever. Enjoy those ups, I find my ups come from my family and friends and helping people to strive for the best versions of themselves.

My whole life I’ve always been the one who can talk to a wall and I’d have a great conversation with it, but at home that’s not always the case. If you were to see how amazing Holly is with me in those times she’d have an MBE. With everything successful I’ve done in my life she’s been the rock behind it.

No(Mo)vember was the perfect opportunity for others to reach out, connect with people and grow a sensational Tash. I've enjoyed growing the Tash and everything that comes with it. Mine gives me confidence and reminds me to embrace every part of my life.

Although brief, I hope that admitting my struggles can bring people comfort.

Remember, you are never alone. Stronger Together.


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