We’re just two days out from the start of The Trainline Challenge 2021, which will see Joe cycle 100 miles from Swindon to London, run 30 miles in London, before the return cycle the following day. On top of this he’ll be running another 30 miles from Swindon to Wotton-Under-Edge...! We’ve had lots of questions in the run up to this event and so we thought we’d pop all the answers into one blog post for you all.

When and where is the challenge starting?

Saturday 20th November at 6am outside Swindon Train Station.

Where will Joe be running his 30 miles in London?

Around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

How do we know when he’ll reach a certain location?

We obviously can’t give an exact time but we’ll pop the estimated arrival times at the bottom of this post. On the day he’ll have a live tracker, which people will be able to access on an app. Furthermore, the support team will be providing updates on all social media platforms throughout the weekend.

How can I get involved with the run or cycle?

Just meet us along the way. Use the live tracker or our Movember WhatsApp group (link below) to get in touch with the support crew. For the London run the support crew will set up a base in Hyde Park, location TBC, but will be shared on our socials on the day. Feel free to head to this point and join the runners as they come past. The run on day 2, we’ll continue to share Joe’s location as he moves towards Wotton so that you can work out where best to join. He’s also inviting people to cycle alongside him from Swindon as he runs.

Where will the event finish?

KLB School. We thought this would be the perfect location to congregate as many people as possible on a Sunday evening. If you are around, please head down and be there for when the finishing team reach their final destination!

I’m not around on the day, how can I keep up with what’s going on?

Follow @_jsperformance and @joestokespt on Instagram, this will be where most of our updates will be. We will try to share posts on the JS Performance Facebook page as we go but our Instagram stories will be the best place to get updates.

How much food does he need?

As much as he can stomach. We’re currently in the process of increasing his carbohydrate intake before the event. Today and tomorrow he’ll be looking to consume around 3000 calories worth of carbs (this is relative to his bodyweight). During the event we’ll be hoping that he can take on 30-60g of carbohydrates every hour whilst he’s moving. This will be to refuel glycogen stores and try to minimise his energy deficit as much as possible. The main thing is that he won’t be eating anything he hasn’t had before so there’ll be lots of soreen, sweets and squares bars!

Has Joe trained for this?

Not like you’d expect him to. No long runs, no long cycles. The most he’s done on a bike is an hour and he’s not run much further than 8 miles in one hit. Why? Because part of the challenge is for it to be tough. It might sound crazy but he wants this to be as challenging as possible as part of the mental health message this challenge carries.

How long will it take?

We’re expecting him to be moving for 12-14 hours on both days.

Why Movember?

Joe has shared, on his Instagram, about his own struggle with mental health over the last couple of years. Hence, the work that Movember does is incredibly close to his heart. For more information on this, head to Joe’s Instagram.

Why the ”Trainline” Challenge?

The cycle aspect of the challenge is from Swindon Train Station to London Paddington. This journey is significant to Joe as it’s a reflection of the journey he has made on numerous occasions in the last 6 months. A journey that was somewhat part of his own self-discovery and triggered the start to looking after himself a bit more.

How do you plan for an event like this?

With a lot of forward thinking, but you can never cover every eventuality. We’ve had lots of support from friends and family as well as lots of lists that needed ticking, many phone calls and a lot of research.

Can I still donate after the event?

Yes! Donations are open until the end of the month!

Donate here:


Estimated times of arrival:


Meet at Swindon Train Station @ 5.45am

Newbury (approx 25 miles) 8am’ish’

Reading (approx 45 miles) 10am’ish’

Ascot (approx 65 miles) 12pm’ish’

Paddington (FINISH) 2pm’ish’

(Run in Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens 2-8pm)


Meet at Paddington Station @ 5.45am

Ascot 8am’ish’

Reading 10am’ish’

Newbury 12pm’ish

Swindon Train Station 2pm’ish’


Lydiard Millicent (2.45-3pm)

“Ravenscroft Road” (3.45-4pm)

Malmesbury (4.45-5pm)

Shipton Moyne (5.45-6pm)

Leighterton (6.45-7pm)

Wortley/WUE (7.45-8pm)

WhatsApp group:

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