The Importance of Exercise for Teenagers

Written by work experience student, Rachel.

Everyone often sees teens as the lazy ones nowadays, but encouraging exercise is so important. Physical activity can help improve cardiovascular fitness, build and develop bone and muscle tissue, and improve strength. It can also help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, which is so important, especially in these challenging times. It can also reduce the risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease.

Studies have show that students that who are physically active tend to have better grades, improve concentration and much more. Both the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention and the NHS say that we should all be doing 60 mins or more per day of moderate or vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise 3 days a week. Adults at home could start by encouraging their teenagers to make sure they work towards hitting 10,000 steps everyday. Another idea would be to start a family workout together. Remember, it doesn't have to be “boring exercise “, make it fun. Encourage them to join a football club or something else they might enjoy. Not only will it improve their physical health but it would also help them make friends and improve communication skills, which are also so important.

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