JS Performance has reinvigorated my love for exercise, Joe and Holly make classes suitable for everyone and push you to your own limits. Their personal approach is not based on fads but on creating long term health benefits. The flexible approach has allowed me to train around family and work committments.

Steve Higgins

JS Performance have been absolutely brilliant throughout lockdowns and beyond. They have me shown endless support and have a great range of interesting classes which have kept me going and in a routine even when I really didn’t want to exercise, and picked me up when I was struggling. They have created a great sense of community with their Facebook and WhatsApp groups, and encourage people to get involved and ask questions, as well as having fun together. The creation of their Four Weeks to Healthier Habits group has also been amazing for me as it has given me the kick I need to get started with healthier eating, and I have learnt loads already despite only being two weeks in. Would 100% recommend JS Performance to anyone interested in getting involved for fitness, as there is something for everyone in their classes and they are all round knowledgable fantastic people.

Liv Harper

Love the variety of workouts and the great community spirit that comes with everything about JS Performance. I have maintained working out with both Joe and Holly since the first lockdown with their online workouts. They provide ongoing support and encouragement always and laughs along the way as well, which has been great on the days when exercise and eating more healthily can be a struggle! The sessions really work well with me between work and home life in general. The tips and support they also provide from a nutritional aspect has been so useful as well at the start of this year and has made me look at what I eat in such a different way now to suit my current situation and fitness level. Would highly recommend!

Lucy Pass

JS Performance (Joe & Holly) are a pair who are really interested in helping other people - whether that be specific goals or just motivation to get you through the day. They offer an abundance of online classes (live and recorded) to suit all and encourage everyone to get involved. They offer support, guidance and accountability and the online community they have brought together has been a lifeline during these times. It’s not been easy to stick to a health/fitness routine during lockdown and juggling work and homeschooling but knowing they are there when I need them is helping me get through.

Louise Jefferies

[About Healthier Habits] So informative. Wasn’t interested in dieting but I needed direction and support regarding what types of food to eat, how they impact my body and portion control, they’ve been absolutely brilliant.

Jon Stokes

Joe and Holly are always there, either popping up on social media or sending a message over the JS Performance WhatsApp! I feel continuously supported and encouraged every day! Love being a part of the JS Performance community.

Becky Jackson